Fables Activity


Read all directions before you begin. 

1. Choose a crossword puzzle to do:

Puzzle 1 (easier)


Puzzle 2 (easier)

Puzzle 3 (medium)

Puzzle 4 (medium)

Puzzle 5 (harder)

Puzzle 6 (harder)

2. Print out the puzzle.

Your crossword puzzle will tell you which fables to read in order to answer the questions.

3. Click on the underlined titles in the clues to read the fable, or

Click here to go to the Fables pages:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Choose the fables you need to read. All fables on pages 1-3 are displayed in ABC order.

4. Read the fables to answer the questions.

5. Click on


(at upper left) to return to the Fables Activity.

6. Continue until you have finished the puzzle.



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